Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wigmore Once More

It's Sunday morning in Aguada, Puerto Rico when I see that a new group of students has just arrived at Ann Wigmore Natural Institute.  A few are eager to be here, others a bit apprehensive of what to expect, but everyone, even those with a guarded heart, is ready to take those first few steps of their journey in the living foods lifestyle.

I have been to Wigmore on several occasions and that afternoon I decided to take a stroll on the beautiful beaches nearby. The waves were crashing onto the shore, but for some reason I became entranced with the calm, peaceful water slowly sweeping back into the ocean, taking with it some beautiful shells and stones resembling polished glass of all shapes and sizes that were lying on the shore.

This juxtaposition of power and peace was a reminder of the many students who had come through the program over the years, including myself, full of angst and stress, attempting to stay afloat through the peaks and troughs of our everyday lives.  Yet, while we are here we build relationships, eat energy soup, mediate, and open our minds and souls to each other. We arrive at the institute like so many undulating waves, varying in intensity and duration.  But by the end of the second week we are relaxed, laughing and occasionally shedding a tear of joy, while glowing with life-affirming energy.  All of the waves somehow flow into one placid sea of love and contentment.

As we depart from Puerto Rico it’s as if we are swept back into the ocean of our own lives with peace and calmness, taking with us precious gems of rejuvenation, energy, and excitement.  Each of us embodies an undercurrent of a healthy lifestyle – in body, mind and soul – and we can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world with an open, warm heart.

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